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In parallel, migrants from the west coast of France were arriving by boat.

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Log in to Reply he looks very Spanish in fact he looks Native Spanish like before the romans conqured Spain he defiantly doesn’t look Italian he doesn’t look like those Spanish people who can pass for Italian. After looking at the comments I thinking most Americans confuse race with nationality or have never travel outside there own country.Providencia was born in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, the daughter of Julio Morales and Fabriana Otero Rodriguez.Diego’s maternal grandmother is Josefa Lopez Cayuela.Dolores was the daughter of Juan Andrés/André Cenoz Juanena, who was from Navarra, Spain, and of Ana María Kattain/Katthain Serment, who was of German and Swiss descent, with roots in Geneva.Diego’s paternal grandmother is Ana María Lima Moreno (the daughter of Roberto Lima Sánchez and Ana María Moreno González).

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