Updating linksys befw1154 firmware

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After the very easy installation which took all of 15 minutes, I ran a bunch of tests that I was sure would bring the wireless network to its knees.Again, I had used two previous wireless network gizmos, and both were very finicky.Another downside is that the router felt cheap in its plastic casing.But, compared to its peers in the wireless network market it stands alone in bringing an easy to use network to your home or office.Using the online network wizard I plugged in the basic information that my ISP had provided me (IP, Domain, etc.).Setup of the Linksys W11 is done through your browser and feels very intuitive.However, I would be lying to you if I told you it was perfect, indeed there were often momentary lapses in connectivity and, as with all wireless devices, security is still very much an issue.

I sent and received files through ICQ without any trouble.

The Linksys site often has firmware updates that address problems so check frequently.

A truly wireless network connecting your families or offices’ computers together would be a dream come true.

All other configuration I did from my computer one floor up.

Once I had the router itself installed I tucked the wireless network card unit under my arm and rushed up the stairs.

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