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She introduces the Player to Todd Bishop, a driving instructor, who takes them to a used car dealership.

There, the Player chooses a car, and Todd takes them to a run-down caravan, which becomes the Player's house.

Eden Games today is an independent game studio managed by two of its original co-founders, David Nadal and Jean-Yves Geffroy.

The studio is composed of both experienced veterans and highly talented young developers, all driven by the same passion for cars, high-end design and technologies. CLUB, please check our FAQ or contact us using [email protected] media and press inquiries only, please contact us using [email protected] any other inquieries, please contact us using [email protected] take note that we will consider only messages sent to the appropriate addresses.

To progress through the game, the player has to earn experience points to level up through the sixty levels. The player can try to chain passes, and hit the 'accept' button to accept their cash, then start a new chain.

These points can be earned via four categories: Competition (racing, completing challenges), Social (making friends in the game, racing against other people, joining clubs), Discovery (discovering all roads, taking photographs of specific locations, finding all car wrecks), and Collection (buying cars, houses, furniture, clothing/and other needs). Exploring the island lets the player find vehicle wrecks, which will unlock vehicles at the dealerships on the islands.

There are a lot more features in TDU 2 than in TDU. The player can earn a small amount of money depending on how the player drives.

There is a storyline in Test Drive Unlimited 2 for the player to follow. If the player is to drive at medium to high speed near another vehicle, he or she will get a small amount of cash, usually 100 dollars per 'pass'.

Tess takes the Player to her garage, where she allows them to drive her Ferrari California.Test Drive Unlimited 2 is an open world racing video game developed by Eden Games and published by Atari, Inc.It is the tenth installment of the Test Drive series, and the second after Test Drive Unlimited to be marketed under the Unlimited franchise.Shortly after driving from the party, the Player awakes and it is revealed they are a poor valet driver for Wintory. She considers firing them, but has second thoughts, and asks them to escort her to the Sant Antoni de Portmany club, in exchange for entering them in the Solar Crown.On the way to the club, Tess explains one of the racers withdrew, leaving an open position for the Player.

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