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We started out as a walking camp, and there are miles and miles of bush to explore! The clear, unhurried waters during the early morning or late afternoon is one of the ‘must do’ activities on the Kafue.Big cats and elephant are common occurrences and the waters provide perfect conditions for bird lovers.Never, ever, ever begin a narrative with action and then reveal the character’s merely dreaming it all.Not unless you’d like your manuscript hurled across the room, accompanied by a series of curses.When an editor encounters one of these kinds of sentences, your work is probably going to make her laugh, but that’s not considered a positive reaction in this case.One of the primary red flags for many editors and agents is the absence of dialogue on the first few pages of a manuscript.

Some editors are even known to rifle the pages to see how dense the prose is. This kind of opening was popular at the turn of the last century; it looks musty now.

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One of the best aspects of our safaris is the variety of activities; whether it’s a love of birds, water, big game or just wanting to feel a little closer to the bush, we’re here to help you plan your safari, make it your trip and your memories.

Walking is one of the best ways to explore your surroundings, whether you are a keen naturalist or wanting to stretch the legs a little!

Walking places an emphasis on the smaller things that might be missed from a vehicle, but there is every chance of big game encounters!

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