Archaeologists dating methods

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, in which he tells us that Arthur was born in a castle on windswept, coastal cliffs just outside the village of Tintagel in the English county of Cornwall.According to the account, Arthur’s father to be, Uther Pendragon, falls for Igraine, the duchess of Cornwall, and Merlin makes him a magic potion to transform him into the likeness of her husband so the couple can make love in her residence at Tintagel.I know its perhaps not most of yours cup-of-tea, but if any of you would like to look into the constitution of Cornwall then, apart from the links already provided, I can suggest the following website: It opens as follows: The Duchy of Cornwall is a well-managed private estate which funds the public, charitable and private activities of The Prince of Wales and his family.The duchy estate was created in 1337 and its primary function was to provide an income for the heir to the throne.Merlin was not only a “wise man”; he was also a rhymer or poet.

Rhydderch reigned in Strathclyde from 580 to 612 AD.And The Legend of Arthur sold very well after the Norman invasion.But since “Arthur” never lived in the south, you can pick any random castle and declare that “Arthur slept here”.Gwenhwyfar, herself a Druidist, attempted to keep Scotland free from foreign domination, whether it be from Saxons or Romans.The fantasized versions of these historical events sold better in southern Brittain, where the history of Scotch kings was not well known.

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